Welcome to the RealBoy Project

This is a series of posts about the design and implementation of the RealBoy Emulator. RealBoy is a simple, yet complete, Nintendo Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy emulator. It includes the standard script files for building and compiling under any UNIX-like Operating System, although it does not depend on the POSIX Interface, so it should be relatively easy to build under a Windows environment.

These posts are not intended as a ‘tutorial’ for writing an emulator; it intends to bring a more fundamental learning experience to the reader. We assume some very basic knowledge, so be sure to visit the Getting Started section before beginning.

As already said, RealBoy is actually a complete, fully-functional Game Boy/Game Boy Color Emulator/Super Game Boy; get the latest version at our download page and try it out for yourself.

Happy hacking!


16 thoughts on “RealBoy

  1. ¡Excelente Sergio!
    Que trabajo tan bien hecho 🙂

    “I’m going over Pokémon Red one more time; this time I’m playing it on my own home-made emulator (this was my particular case).”
    Tan modesto 😛

    • Gracias… ojalá realmente le sirva a alguien.
      Jaja, recuerdo que cuando quería volver a jugar Pokémon Red pensé: “Ese juego se merece un emulador”. Eso fue hace rato ya; aún estaba en la UIS.

  2. I am not 100% your target audience (more like 80%), but look forward to learning what I can from your posts. Not an expert either , love hacking at things to learn

    Ps: your English is better than mine, and I have been using it my whole life!

    • Thanks for your comments. I hope you can find something to learn over here.
      BTW, you have got quite impressive material over at Wow… just sweet… keep that up!

  3. Excelente, buen trabajo, tambien le dare una vista a el proyecto lector de cartuchos, el emu que opciones tiene disponible el codigo?,
    Tiene SpeedUp?, SaveStates?,
    Seria impresionante si añadieras modo Link, siempre me imagine jugando modo link en algun port de este emu en las consolas portatiles.

  4. EWJ1 shouldn’t be on this list, because the SNES version is just a gimped port of the Genesis version…same with MK1. Nobody decapitated anyone in the SNES version of MK1 either, because it was censored to shit…also Super Street Fighter is inherently better than Turbo, too bad Nintendo couldn’t get the Western version working on their Canoe emulator.
    Paul Brown

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