Welcome to the RealBoy Project

This is a series of posts about the design and implementation of the RealBoy Emulator. RealBoy is a simple, yet complete, Nintendo Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy emulator. It includes the standard script files for building and compiling under any UNIX-like Operating System, although it does not depend on the POSIX Interface, so it should be relatively easy to build under a Windows environment.

These posts are not intended as a ‘tutorial’ for writing an emulator; it intends to bring a more fundamental learning experience to the reader. We assume some very basic knowledge, so be sure to visit the Getting Started section before beginning.

As already said, RealBoy is actually a complete, fully-functional Game Boy/Game Boy Color Emulator/Super Game Boy; get the latest version at our download page and try it out for yourself.

Happy hacking!



14 thoughts on “RealBoy

  1. ¡Excelente Sergio!
    Que trabajo tan bien hecho 🙂

    “I’m going over Pokémon Red one more time; this time I’m playing it on my own home-made emulator (this was my particular case).”
    Tan modesto 😛

    • Gracias… ojalá realmente le sirva a alguien.
      Jaja, recuerdo que cuando quería volver a jugar Pokémon Red pensé: “Ese juego se merece un emulador”. Eso fue hace rato ya; aún estaba en la UIS.

  2. I am not 100% your target audience (more like 80%), but look forward to learning what I can from your posts. Not an expert either , love hacking at things to learn

    Ps: your English is better than mine, and I have been using it my whole life!

    • Thanks for your comments. I hope you can find something to learn over here.
      BTW, you have got quite impressive material over at Wow… just sweet… keep that up!

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