Download available at:

If you use the ‘pkgsrc’ portable packaging system (for example, the NetBSD Operating System), you can find a suitable package at:

RealBoy has been recently ported by user xerpi to the PS Vita Console as RealBoy Vita. Visit the GitHub repository here for source code, or download here.

Important work has been done by Joao Fernando Coelho Lopes <> and Fernando César <>, including support for the MBC2 memory controller, a profiler to check for the most-used instructions so as to improve instruction emulation through predecoding (which he also implemented). The code hasn’t been merged yet to the main branch; you can find his work here.

RealBoy has also been conveniently packed in operating-specific packages, including SmartOS and OmniOS.

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. Can you make an online browser version or one for a Chromebook? (if you don’t already have one) thank you

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